Privacy policy

We will comply with the laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information and we will handle the personal information provided by customers with extreme caution.

This privacy policy describes the handling of customer’s personal information at our company.

1. Basic policy on personal information

Personal information is information on an individual, and includes information such as name, birth date, address, mailing address, telephone number, other descriptions included in the information, numbers or symbols assigned to individuals, other codes, images or sounds. Recognizing that what can identify the individual is important information constituting privacy and when dealing with personal information in business, the internal regulations prescribed for the protection of personal information and personal information apply. We respect customers by complying with them.

2. About the use of personal information

  • Information on products when you use our site
  • We provide various events, guidance and various miscellaneous information
  • Questionnaire on services or products, or relating to our service and statistical process of marketing
  • Response to materials and sending inquiries concerning our service

3. Safe management of personal information

We will implement safety measures against danger of unauthorized access from an external agent to the customer’s personal information, including loss, damage, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information, and illegal transmission to the outside of the company.

4. Disclosure of personal information

As a general rule, we will not provide personal information that identifies you to third parties without your consent.
We will offer such information only when we obtain the consent of the person after identifying the destination and contents of the offer. However, in the following cases this does not apply:

  • When disclosure is requested from courts, police, other administrations or judicial bodies based on laws or ordinances
  • When we have consent of the person concerning disclosure

5. Correction of personal information and inquiries etc.

If you wish to confirm, correct, or delete your own personal information, we respect our customers’ will and we will take commerically reasonable necessary measures. Please contact us from “CONTACT”.