We are working hand in hand with players, distributors, organizers, supporters in the industry, and all other stakeholders who share the same passion and views on our vision: “Greater connection and unity through billiards.”



KAMUI JAPAN is a mission oriented business to produce the best possible billiard products and service available today.
We encourage discovering the possibilities of self growth on any level including pool/billiards.
KAMUI partner players are on the same mission to maintain a professional discipline and to continue improving his/her ability in order to inspire as many people as possible through showing their cue sport performance as an athlete.
We desire to achieve this mission with our partner players in order to promote the excellence of cue sports worldwide.

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Whenever you commit to a challenge, anywhere in the world, we will constantly explore and deliver the best tools to maximize your opportunities and possibilities. We collaborate with partners in your country that resonate with the feelings of KAMUI and support your growth.



There are various partners both within and outside of the industry who have allied with KAMUI to go beyond business considerations and pursue the ultimate goal of creating a bright future for the billiard industry. Together, we are promoting activities and initiatives that move everyone forward.