KAMUI chalk

KAMUI Chalk was developed because of the necessity to use the full potential of KAMUI tips in order to make players’ visions into realities. The new possibilities created by a larger sweet spot pulls unrecognized skills out into the open.

More spin, more accuracy

We ventured outside of convention to seek a higher quality chalk that can fully realize the ability of KAMUI tips.

KAMUI Chalk’s ideal proportion was established through repeated testing of materials, bonds, heat torelence, particle size distribution and more.

By preventing miscues, maximum functional and stable spin can be transferred to the cue ball.

Thorsten Hohmann - KAMUI chalk

Main features

KAMUI chalk performance 1

Larger Sweet Spot

KAMUI Chalk contains a much finer particle size than standard chalk.The purpose of this is to maximize the friction and offer a larger sweet spot to generate more spin to the cue ball.

KAMUI chalk performance2

More Accurate Aim

Reducing slippage decreases deflection,giving the player a more accurate aim when English is applied.


KAMUI chalk 0.98 β

KAMUIchalk 0.98β

For extreme shooting

Giving the player the best possible friction while maximizing the sweet spot on the cue ball. More adhesion allows the chalk to stay on the cue tip longer.

KAMUI chalk 1.21 β

KAMUIchalk 1.21β

For more consistent playability

Improved longevity, with a harder compound, to give the player more confidence with a Pre- Shot routine. Reduced compound transfer to the cueball.












– Thorsten Hohmann –

KAMUI chalk - Thorsten Hohmann  

― When did you start using KAMUI chalk?

I first started using Kamui chalk about a week before the Philippine Open in April 2011.

― How did you feel?

At first it felt a bit awkward to use the new chalk, soft and oily. But soon I noticed a huge difference to conventional chalk.

― How different?

It is almost impossible to miscue. Unless your tip is in a really really bad condition or your angle how you enter the cue ball is technically incorrect you just cannot miscue.
I ended up winning the Philippine Open among other major events this year and I will never look back. Kamui chalk improved my game, I am a Kamui addict.

― How does KAMUI chalk change your game from a technical standpoint?

I am not a scientist, but it’s absolutely proven that you can hit the cue ball way lower without miscues using Kamui chalk versus conventional chalk. The sweet spot of KAMUI chalk is larger, I can feel shots better by enlarging my limits to the outer side of the cue ball and still have the grip.

― Any other changes?

After a while I just trusted the chalk, which absolutely boosted my confidence.

― How did the chalk boost your confidence?

I remember a time using conventional chalk when I had to kill the cue ball by using a lot of draw in combination with outside English. Too many times I miscued in that scenario before, so I automatically adjusted a little bit to the inside of the cue ball to make sure I don’t scratch but that limited my position play dramatically. Now with the Kamui chalk I have no more fear of miscueing. I know I can go to the absolute limit and still have 100% control over the cue ball.

― Any other comment on KAMUI chalk?

I am a professional pool player. I cannot afford to miscue. Kamui chalk improved my game technically and mentally. I know I can count on the performance of the chalk and it enables me to just focus on what’s important, my own performance. It extended my limits in pool.