Niels Feijen [ORIGINAL S]

Nederland Niels Feijen [ORIGINAL S]Niels Feijen [ORIGINAL S]

Florian Kohler [BLACK SS]

France Florian Kohler [BLACK SS]Florian Kohler [BLACK SS]

Niels Feijen [ORIGINAL S]

Germany Ralf Souquet  [ORIGINAL SS]Ralf Souquet [ORIGINAL SS]

Thorsten Hohmann [ORIGINAL S]

Germany Thorsten Hohmann [ORIGINAL S]Thorsten Hohmann [ORIGINAL S]

Sanjin Pehlivanovic [BLACK S]

Bosnia and Hercegovina Sanjin Pehlivanovic [BLACK S]Sanjin Pehlivanovic [BLACK S]

Tomoko Kubota [ORIGINAL SS]

japan Tomoko Kubota [ORIGINAL SS]Tomoko Kubota [ORIGINAL SS]

Yukio Akagariyama [BLACK S]

JAPAN Yukio Akagariyama [BLACK S]Yukio Akagariyama [BLACK S]

Jayson Shaw [BLACK M]

scotland Jayson Shaw [BLACK M]Jayson Shaw [BLACK M]

Jeffrey Ignacio [CLEAR BLACK M]

philippines Jeffrey Ignacio [CLEAR BLACK M]Jeffrey Ignacio [CLEAR BLACK M]

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Our Mission ‘Quest for Excellence’

KAMUI JAPAN is a mission oriented business to produce the best possible billiard products and service available today.
We encourage discovering the possibilities of self growth on any level including pool/billiards.
KAMUI partner players are on the same mission to maintain a professional discipline and to continue improving his/her ability in order to inspire as many people as possible through showing their cue sport performance as an athlete.
We desire to achieve this mission with our partner players in order to promote the excellence of cue sports worldwide.

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
Austria Mario He Pool [ ]
Austria Maximilian Lechner Pool [CLEAR BLACK S 13mm]
Belgium Aaron Vancoppenolle Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS 13mm]
Belgium Peter De Backer carom [BLACK M 13mm]
Bosnia and Hercegovina Alen Muratovic Pool [BLACK S]
Bosnia and Hercegovina Sanjin Pehlivanovic Pool [BLACK S]
Bulgaria Spasian Spasov Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Croatia Karlo Dalmatin Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Croatia Philipp Stojanovic Pool [BLACK S]
Czech Republic David Žalman Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Czech Republic Michal Gavenčiak Pool [CLEAR BLACK M]
Denmark Daniel Kandi Pool [ORIGINAL S]
England Daniel Luton Pool [BLACK M]
England Jak Jones Snooker [BLACK MH(10mm)]
Finland Casper Matikainen Pool [BLACK M]
Finland Marko Makkonen Pool [BLACK M]
Finland Riku Heino Pool [ORIGINAL M]
France AdrienTachoire carom [BLACK M]
France Alexis Rouaud carom [CLEAR BLACK SS(13mm)]
France Carlos Cruz Pool [BLACK S]
France Da costa Alain Pool [BLACK S]
France Fabio Rizzi Pool [BLACK S]
France Florian Kohler Artistic billiards [BLACK SS]
France Gwendal Maréchal Carom billiards [BLACK S(13mm)]
France Jean Haby Carom billiards [BLACK S]
France Jean Reverchon Artistic [ORIGINAL S]
France Kevin Tran Artistic [BLACK M(13mm)]
France Matthieu Franck carom billiards [BLACK M (12mm)]
France Michael Hammen Artistic billiards [ORIGINAL SS]
France Stephan Cohen Pool [BLACK S]
Germany Christian Frohlich Pool [OROGINAL 13mm M]
Germany Julian Kortüm Pool [ORIGINAL M]
Germany Lars Kuckherm Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Germany Manuel Radu Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Germany Marek Faus Carom billiards [BLACK S 12mm]
Germany Martin Horn Carom billiards [BLACK S]
Germany Melanie Suessenguth Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Germany Ralf Mrnka Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS]
Germany Simone Kuenzl Pool [BLACK S]
Germany Steffi Daske Carom billiards [BLACK S 13mm]
Germany Sven Daske Carom billiards [BLACK S 13mm]
Germany Thomas Damm Pool [BLACK SS]
Germany Thomas Nockemann Carom billiards [BLACK S]
Germany Thorsten Hohmann Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Germany Patrick Einsle Snooker&pool [BLACK S]
[BLACK 11mm M]
Germany Ralph Eckert Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Germany Ralf Souquet Pool [ORIGINALSS]
Germany Roman Hybler Pool [ORIGINAL M]
Italy Antonio Benvenuto Pool [BLACK S]
Italy Daniele Corrieri Pool [BLACK M]
Italy Massimiliano Corso Pool [BLACK SS]
Italy Pierfrancesco Garzia Pool [ORIGINAL S](13mm)
Italy Riccard Sini Pool [CLEAR ORIGINAL S]
Italy Silvia Gaudino Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS]
Netherlands Martin van Rhee Carom
Netherland Nick van den Berg Pool [BLACK S]
Netherland Niels Feijen Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Netherland Sander Jonen Carom billiards [BLACK M, S 12.5mm]
Netherland Tim De Ruyter Pool [BLACK S]
Netherland Jan van Lierop Pool [CLEAR BLACK S 13mm]
Norway Ine Helvik Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS]
Poland Izabela Lacka Pool [CLEAR BLACK H]
Poland Marek Kudlik Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Poland Sebastian Batkowski Pool [CLEAR BLACK M]
Portugal Manuel Gama Pool [BLACK S]
Scotland Jayson Shaw Pool [BLACK M]
Slovakia Jakub Koniar Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Slovenia Matjaz Erculj Pool [CLEAR BLACK M]
Spain Esteve Mata Pardo Carom billiards [BLACK SS]
Spain Francisco Diaz Pool [BLACK S, CLEAR BLACK S]
Spain Hector Cuadrado Artistic billiards [BLACK SS]
Spain Sergio Sánchez Garcia Artistic billiards [BLACK M (13mm)]
Switzerland Daniel Schneider Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
Australia James Georgiades Pool [BLACK M]
Australia Robby Foldvari Pool [BLACK S]
New Zealand Matt Edwards Pool [CLEAR BLACK M]
New Zealand Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan Pool [CLEAR ORIGINAL M]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
Philippines Jeffrey Ignacio Pool [CLEAR BLACK M]
Indonesia Sukma Facquet Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS(13mm)]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
Russia Andrey Seroshtan Pool [CLEAR BLACK M (13mm)]
Russia Konstantin Stepanov Pool [BLACK S]
Ukraine Alexander Boyko Russian pyramid [BLACK M 13mm]
Ukraine Yaroslav Tarnovetsky Russian pyramid [ORIGINAL M(13mm)]
Kazakhstan Dauren Urynbayev Pool [BLACK H]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
Uganda Nkoyoyo Eddy Artistic [BLACK M(13mm)]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
USA Abram Diaz Artistic billiards [BLACK S]
USA Bobby Ferry Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS]
USA Carl Kahn Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
USA Chris Robinson Pool [ORIGINAL S]
USA Dan Cintron Pool [CLEAR BLACK M]
USA Donny Mills Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
USA Evan Broxmeyer Pool [ORIGINAL S]
USA Emily Duddy Pool [BLACK S]
USA Jennifer Barretta Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
USA Jeremy Sossei Pool [BLACK S]
USA Matt Krah Pool [ORIGINAL SS]
USA Michael Yednak Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
USA Serena Black Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Canada Mario Paradis Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG
Chile Alejandro Carvajal Pool [CLEAR SS]
Venezuela Daniel Reyes Pool [CLEAR M]

nationality name field tip HP BLOG

Kyushu region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Fukuoka Hirotaka Kihara Pool [BLACK S]

Chugoku region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Yamaguchi Masanobu Shigenaka Pool [BLACK S]

Shikoku region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Kagawa Michiaki Kamata Pool [ORIGINAL M]
Kouchi Katsuhiko Hirota Pool [BLACK M]

Kansai region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Hyougo Kouji Kunikata Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS]
Hyougo Tomoya Iima Pool [BLACK M]
Osaka Junko Tsuchiya Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Osaka Mariko Niibo Pool [BLACK S]
Osaka Nobuo Takamure Pool [BLACK M]
Osaka Shuji Hase Snooker [BLACK 11mm M]
Osaka Tomoko Kubota Pool [ORGINAL SS]
Osaka Yoshihisa Hasegawa Pool [CLEAR ORIGINAL M]
Osaka Yuji Takagi Pool [BLACK S]

Tokai region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Shizuoka Saeko Izumi Pool [STANDARD BLACK M(14mm)]
Aichi Taiki Tanaka Pool [ORIGINAL M]
Aichi Toshiyuki Haraguchi Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]

Hokuriku region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG

Kanto region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Chiba Hiroyuki Shouzaki Pool [CLEAR BLACK SS (14mm)]
Chiba Hiroyuki Sakurai Pool [ORIGINAL M]
Chiba Takeaki Matsuno Pool [ORIGINAL H]
Chiba Takeshi Watanabe Pool [BLACK M]
Kanagawa Takatoshi Kagawa Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Kanagawa Toshiyuki Sugawara Pool [BLACK S]
Tokyo Hideaki Arita Pool [ORIGINAL SS]
Tokyo Hiromichi Matsumura Pool [ORIGINAL S]
Tokyo Kenji Takada Pool [BLACK S]
Tokyo Makoto Karino Pool [BLACK H]
Tokyo Miho Akagariyama Pool [CLEAR BLACK S 14mm]
Tokyo Motoki Tsukimura Pool [STNADARD SS]
Tokyo Noriyo Hayashi Pool [BLACK S]
Tokyo Sou oonishi Pool [CLEAR BLACK S]
Tokyo Yukio Akagariyama Pool [BLACK S]

Tohoku region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG
Yamagata Hitoshi Ooi Pool [BLACK S (14mm)]

Hokkaido region

prefecture name field tip HP BLOG