1.KAMUI leather

KAMUI's leatherLeather and Adhesive, Are the two substances that are carefully picked. How they work together plays a key role in the production process of billiard tips.

The leather processing (tanning) is handled by the best tanners in the leather industry. KAMUI has introduced a quality control process into the tanning of KAMUI leather; this process gives the KAMUI brand the consistency required to be the best tip.

2、KAMUI Tanning Process

Tanning High quality raw leather is chosen and processed through a Tanning. This tanning process is critical to the binding of the collagen fibers of the leather. Our quality control team has developed a proprietary process of tanning that allows KAMUI leather the ability to hold onto chalk. KAMUI, through the ideal tanning process methods and quality control; with large amounts of testing data has discovered the ability to produce reliable leather for billiard tips at any time of the year.

3、Vegetable and Chrome tanning; how it affects the quality of tips

Vegitable and Chrome tanningThere are mainly two types of leather to make billiard tips, Vegetable and Chrome tanned leather.
Vegetable and Chrome tanned leather have different performance properties and quality of durability and elasticity.

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