KAMUI Chalk Performance Test

This test is to check the performance of  KAMUI CHALK.

This test is conducted under the following condition.

1, Shot by the same player.

2, Focused only on maximizing the amount of cue ball spin over the distance of ball diameter for 2 types of chalk.

Therefore the shooting speed of 2 chalks are not the same.

What we found out are as follows,

1, It is possible to shoot more off-center of the cue ball with KAMUI Chalk than the other chalk brands.

2, It is possible to shoot with higher speed than other chalk brand regardless of its wider sweet spot.


KAMUI  CHALK enables players to shoot more off-center with higher speed than other chalk brands.

This is why KAMUI Chalk can offer more spin and prevents miscue.


Back Spin Version


Side Spin Version

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