The performance of KAMUI Chalk

In this chapter, I would explain how billiard chalk works and the perfromance of KAMUI chalk.

The performance of billiard chalk depends on how much frictional force the chalk creates between the cue ball and tip against the slipping force.

To have greater frictional force,

1, Increase area of contact between the cue ball and chalk particles.    The contact area becomes larger by making the particles of the chalk much finer.

2, Make the particles of the chalk more solid and sharper so that the particles can bite into the surface of the cue ball.
After long reserch, we finally found the ideal material that has the 2 importhant facotors above.
This is why KAMUI chalk can prevent miss-cuing compared to standard chalk, and this peformance gives the player a larger shooting area. (Larger sweet spot)


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