Cue tip maintainance after miss-cueing

It is very important to maintain a cue tip properly after miss-cueing. After a period of time and impacted chalk on the surface of the tip the tip becomes slippery or smooth.

The surface of a cue tip before miss-cue

You can see leather fibre and the particles of chalk on the tip.

This is the ideal condition of a good cue tip to hold chalk.

This is a picture of the cue tip after miss-cue

The fibre of leather is closed due to frictional heat of miss-cueing.

The particles of chalk do not go into the fibre under this condition so miss-cueing would happen again very easily.

How to maintain a cue tip after miss-cueing

Tool: KAMUI Gator Grip

How to use:

1, Scuff miss-cue area on the tip

2, Softly press the cue tip on the KAMUI Gator Grip and roll your shaft gently.

After maintenance

The fibre of leather is totally restored by scuffing the surface of the tip.
The scuffed fibre can now hold the particles of chalk so that miss-cueing is prevented.

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